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April Stats - 10230 Pageviews from 3466 unique visitors.
April's top directories were -


Our most visited index pages, in order of popularity were: ACCOMMODATION - INFORMATION - ACTIVITIES - BUSINESSES - DINING

Inventive Ways to Market

Marketing is a simple word that seems so simple, yet encompasses so much. Marketing is a comprehensive approach to promoting a product or service. Both traditional and unconventional marketing methods have a place in the small business world. Marketing helps small businesses focus on building their brand and identity.

There are few boundaries to marketing options, and the opportunities listed here are just a few that will generally result in a decent ROI (Return On Investment) for most small businesses. In saying this, do not be afraid to be creative -- no one knows or understands a small business like its owner, so think outside of the square and don't be afraid to experiment.

Identity Continuity

Create continuity between an online website, logos, letterheads, business cards, and packaging. Create an identity that will make your business stand out from the competition, and leave a good initial impression on potential customers. A professional image associated with your company or product will remind customers of their past brand experiences, and will strengthen your product line.

Trade Publications

Niche publications are journals or magazines that focus on a specific market. If your product or service is appropriate for a specific market, then advertising in their trade publications will allow you to immediately tap into and target that very specific audience.

Promotional Items

Branded giveaways have long been used by marketers to attract potential customers. Products that have a long shelf life will help keep your business in the forefront of a customer's mind. Weeks, months, and even years after a product is purchased or service is performed, promotional items will remind the customer of your brand.


Seek product reviews from reputable industry sources, magazine reviewers, bloggers, or industry journalists. Product reviews lend credibility to a product or company.

Keyword Advertising

In order to help your website's search engine ranking, use keyword advertising. Focused and targeted keyword advertising will drive web traffic that has a genuine interest in your product or service.

Niche Directories

Use online niche directories to promote products or services. Visitors who frequent relevant directories have a strong interest and are more likely to purchase.

Viral Marking

Once known as "word of mouth" marketing, viral marketing has taken on a life of its own. Encourage product excitement, as well as customers referring customers.

Opt-In Email Marketing

Use email as a marketing tool to notify your existing customers about specials, new products or services, or product releases and updates. While some consider email marketing is dead, others say that measured results of email marketing tell a very different story. Opt-in (by law this is required in New Zealand), targeted email marketing works, and produces results when done correctly.

Partnerships / Strategic Relationships

We see large companies leveraging their assets every day, and small online businesses should too! Whether it be as a partner, an affiliate, or a strategic relationship, all of these relationships can benefit small businesses. Businesses can use strategic relationships to access niche markets. Affiliates can expand their reach and tap into the customer bases of similar products. Partners can provide additional value to existing products or services. Determine what types of relationships could be beneficial to your small business.

Online Classifieds

Craigslist (www.craigslist.com) is a well known online classified system. Classified systems increase visibility and are often overlooked by small businesses. Consider posting classifieds that relate to product or services and then monitor the results through your website statistics.

Sponsorship / Contests

Contests not only encourage customers to have fun, but also generate publicity and draw attention to your company and brand. Sponsor industry events, run contests, or donate prizes to industry contests in order to increase visibility and generate goodwill.


Communication is vital to all businesses and small businesses are no exception. Be sure to establish a communication channel with customers and potential customers. Newsletters provide one of the most popular communication channels for small businesses.


RSS is growing in popularity. It is an alternative communication channel that has the benefit of reaching a larger audience through syndication. Supplement and enhance email and newsletter campaigns by providing an RSS channel for their content.  (RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, but is also known as Really Simple Syndication)

Forums / Newsgroups

Participation in newsgroups and forums will result in building credibility. Business relationships will often result from online dialogue in industry forums and newsgroups. Actively participate, but always in a professional manner.

Forum / Email Signatures

All forum posts and emails you send should contain a "signature" that advertises your business name, tag line, and website address.


Blogging and posting comments on blogs can result in an increase in web links and traffic. Socialisation and engaging others with well thought out comments can establish a business reputation and generate product interest.


YouTube is a bonus to business. If you are creative, consider compiling an educational or humorous video. YouTube is a huge distribution channel and can generate worthwhile product or industry interest.

Press Releases

Write a press release to promote new products or services and reap the benefits from media attention ... all for free!

Article Syndication

Writing articles can help lend credibility to your product line and improve your business reputation.

Local Newspapers

Contact local newspapers and suggest a unique story to them. This publicity is free and can generate discussions and interest.

Consider exploring alternative channels for advertising and marketing. Keep in mind that advertising need not be costly - creative marketers can often find inexpensive ways to promote products and services that can result in great returns.

Below are the top 20 search words and phrases that our visitors are typing into the search engines to find www.tearoha-info.co.nz (there were 129 in total used during April and encouraging to see many of the top search strings are directly related to our advertisers, but not good for those businesses are "missing out"):

Top 20 of 129 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 62 19.68% te aroha
2 23 7.30% tree swing
3 17 5.40% te aroha holiday park
4 15 4.76% te aroha accommodation
5 14 4.44% te aroha new zealand
6 8 2.54% te aroha nz
7 6 1.90% accomodation in te aroha
8 6 1.90% harcourts te aroha
9 6 1.90% te aroha real estate
10 5 1.59% tearoha
11 5 1.59% www.tearoha-info.co.nz/holidaypark
12 4 1.27% health te aroha nz
13 4 1.27% te aroha waikato new zealand
14 3 0.95% accommodation te aroha
15 3 0.95% children swing
16 3 0.95% http://www.tearoha-info.co.nz/holidaypark/
17 3 0.95% mt te aroha
18 3 0.95% real estate te aroha
19 3 0.95% te aroha holiday camp
20 3 0.95% te aroha map

Site of the Month is K9 'N' Katz Pet Motel - and they receive a free direct click through and feature image from www.tearoha-info.co.nz to their website.

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