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The Actuality of Achieving Top Search Engine Ranking


Achieving Top Search Engine Ranking

This article outlines what you actually need to do to get to the top position you possibly can in the search engines. This will help you to discover what it is you need to do strategies that you need to develop to effectively promote your website.

Search engines each have their own clandestine methods and algorithms for ranking websites with the general aim to get the most relevant content in front of searchers for particular keywords. There is endless conflict going on between the search engines to bring us the most applicable content with website developers and SEO experts trying to find loopholes to get their clients to the top rankings.

The different strategies for search engine optimisation fall into two categories – “white hat strategies” which involve working with the search engines to give them what they are looking for and “black hat strategies” which involve loopholes for cheats to achieve top rankings. Although “black hat strategies” can work for a period of time, it is a certainty that Google will eventually find out what the cheats are up to, fix the loophole and possibly ban the cheat from the search engine. It can take a long time to recover from being banned from Google.

Ranking factors are continually changing and to know which ones actually work you would have to have access to someone in the different top search engines who makes these changes. Below is a list of the strategies that have been proven to work using the test of time - "white hat strategies".

  • You need to have keyword rich, quality themed content. Quality means keyword rich content with well worded phrases and paragraphs linked to those keywords. Search engines are getting a lot cleverer at reading pages and they are no longer looking for just keywords but entire meaningful content related to the keywords.
  • Links to your site from other webpages. It is important to have backlinks pointing to your website from other relevant websites, so bear in mind they will have no positive effect if the content is not complimentary or related. Authority sites are the best form of links to have - sites that already rank high in the search engines containing your link will have the most positive effect.
Older sites generally rank higher because of the experience and durability factor, but they must be active and regularly updated. Remember that search engines want to deliver the most up-to-date relevant information so keeping your site updated and current is very important.
Be careful who you link to from your website as linking to bad content can reduce your search engine rankings.
  • Keywords play a major factor. Some are more competitive than others. Include the most specific at the beginning and work your way into more general, but still related keywords. Including a city or town for local businesses is also useful.
The most important factor in all these points is to have unique, original content. Search engines filter duplicate content and evidence of this on your website may affect your search engine rankings.

The Idealised Conception of SEO

A search engine optimisation expert cannot assure you of a first page ranking, unless of course he works for the search engines and has control to put you there. All he can promise is his efforts in trying to get you on the first page. Don't believe that an SEO expert can get you 100 Page 5 links for $100 (we’ve all head these emails). A single link from a site this high up will probably cost you $50 a month. The higher the ranking website you want to link from, the more expensive it will be.

There are only six ways to get quality links from authority sites:

1. Buy them
2. Talk them into placing a link on their site
3. Get them enrolled in your affiliate program (if you have one)
4. Provide them with unique content they want on their sites
5. Get in early on a low Page Ranked site and wait for the page to rise in the search engines.
6. Have such a great site that people will happily put links to it from their site.

Last conception is the backlink checker. Using the link command "link:" is no longer considered accurate. This is because the search engines do not want you to know the truth about your links because the only people that would be interested in such a thing are SEO experts - the very same people that the search engines are in direct competition with.

Create lots of content for your site on a regular basis, at least monthly, so you end up with many of relevant pages linking to your site. Your site will eventually rise in the search engine rankings

The final step will take time and will probably see more failure than success, but persistence is the key. Contact authority sites in your niche and speak to them about putting a link on their site to your site through an article or some other deal. The high ranking sites will need quite a lot of persuasion but will be worth the effort if you succeed.

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